Piriform released CCleaner 5.50 yesterday and it comes with the long awaited ability to block the program from automatically updating to a new version.
In September users were upset because CCleaner would automatically update to the latest version even if the user unchecked the option to check for new updates. In response to these complaints, Piriform had stated that they had to do it for legal requirements.
"Since the release of v5.46 we have updated some users to this version to meet legal requirements and give users more autonomy and transparency over their privacy settings."
With the release of version 5.50, and Updates option screen was introduced that allows users to take back control over how CCleaner updates are installed.
CCleaner 5.50 Updates Options Screen
This screen now allows you to disable Important Updates from being installed automatically, which are those that CCleaner pushes out to make sure the programs is running safely on a user's computer. Important Updates are automatically installed by default and Piriform recommends that you allow them to do so as they contain fixes that can affect how well CCleaner runs on the computer.
"Important Updates: contain stability or performance updates that keep CCleaner working safely and smoothly on your machine in the event of a change outside our control (e.g. a browser update might mean that file locations might change so without the latest cleaning rules, CCleaner might potentially corrupt a profile)," stated Piriform's announcement. "If we can see that your version of CCleaner is very out of date, we might also apply an Important Update to minimize any risk when cleaning. The nature of these updates mean that they take place much less frequently, but it is best that when they are needed, they can take place automatically."
The other options are related to product updates, which are frequent updates that contain new cleaning rules. For free users, these are only installed manually and paid users can configure CCleaner to install them automatically.
After users upgrade to the latest version, CCleaner will prompt them to review their update settings so that they can be configured to their liking.
H/T: Techdows.com